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Every bit of manipulating of awareness of the electorate by the corporate media, though bias, omission and frankly through lies and misrepresentation, in support of this corrupt, Neo liberal ¬†government agenda, will eventually lead to the downfall of both. As the middle classes join the working classes in suffering the consequences of policies designed to rob them of everything they will turn away from the sources of news that betrayed them. Turn away from the journalists and the talking heads and seek elsewhere for an understanding of what is befalling them. People are, when they pause from being bombarded with messages about how much they need to own to keep out of the soul destroying personal failures of those in the queues for free food, those in the UK illegally forced to work for corporations for zero wages to remain in receipt of inadequate benefits, those who struggle to buy shoes for their children, those for whom dentistry is an unaffordable luxury, when they pause and reflect, they start to question. To question why their plight is not a regular feature of the ‘news’, why days are devoted to undermining the leader of the Labour party and why there is no mention of the demonstrations and protests here and in Europe about the consequences of this political consensus.